About Me

I'm a freelance web designer/developer. I specialize in modern/fluid/liquid designing, custom functionality, and content management.

Custom Functionality
One of the things I do that sets me apart from other web designers/developers is the functionality of the websites I develop. I can do anything from online shopping, to management portals, to forums or blogs! Have some crazy unheard of idea for the internet? I'll be able to get it done.

From Scratch
Another great thing about my work is that I do everything from scratch. Your website is completely unique: I don't use templates or recycle designs, and certainly don't employ a workforce of website building robots.

Content Management
I specialize in user friendly, yet powerful content management. Most of today's popular CMS (Content Management System[s]) are either to complicated or to simple. My custom CMS brings powerful functionality to a shockingly easy to use platform.