Mernel OS/64k

Every bit as functional as it looks.

An elegant design that feels entirely nostalgic, yet marginally modern.
All the apps you'll ever need, built right in. And a completely new relationship between performance and hardware. Mernel OS will change how you see your PC. And what you can do with it.

Coming Soon

Designed for everyone. Where old meets new.

With Mernel OS, I took a unique approach at GUI design. Most of today's mainstream operating systems follow the modern "flat style" design principles. Flat style uses very few colours, so why use the whole 32bit color set? Mernel OS brings us back to 1980 with a 4bit colour set.


Universal software. Different hardware.

Mernel OS uses the most basic fundamentals of x86 computing. The CP437 charset is universal across all platforms, meaning your files wil transfer to Windows or Mac with no difficulty.


Bigger screen? Higher resolution.

Text-mode works great in most situations, but when things get squashed, it's time to move on. 800x600 resolution expands your view, and my custom fonts make it even better.


Packed with features. Everything you need.

There's no need to install anything with Mernel OS. Customizable floating point mathematics, a text editor, and basic webview technologies make anything possible.